We offer Waste Management and Disposable of Scheduled Waste Services for all type of Industrial marine Waste generated in ship. Our Waste Management Services are Disposable of Scheduled Waste, Garbage Collection from Vessels, Disposable of Food Waste, etc

Our Ship Waste Removal Services provides trash, foreign garbage and scrap removal by launch and trash and foreign garbage removal by truck. Foreign garbage is all food waste, associated food packing material, including plastic food wrappers, beverage cans and containers (i.e., any item contaminated by food). Foreign garbage is regulated by Customs Border Protections (CBP). Trash includes cardboard, packing material, ash and general refuse that is generated by normal ship operations. It does not include dunnage, lashing or other items generated in the course of ship’s cargo. Oil waste includes oily rags, wipers, drained filters and absorbents.

All trash, garbage and waste are subject to prior approval and may require prior inspection and profiling before acceptance and removal. Other types of trash that require prior approval include, but may not be limited to oily waste, batteries, non-regulated medicine, fluorescent light bulbs, aerosol cans, dunnage or scrap.

We have a team of skilled professionals for these kind of waste removal services. even we having long time experience and our experts complete the service on time before your leaving for next voyage.