We provide desludging and deslopping services in ships and tankers. All of our employees have years of experience in desludging field work in order to ensure service provided of required standard. All the sludges will be disposed according to Indian Government rules and regulations for disposal of waste water and sludge at the approved disposal ground.

With our expertise approach to environmental policies of waste oil minimization and recovery, Sludge Oil Slop has the ability to safely and effectively remove ship slop oils and often with financial gains to the ship owner.

As a part of our operations we are fully equipped to remove the slop oil, transport the oil for safe disposal and recycle the slop oil into a usable product, using our organic waste oil treatment plant. The ship owner will then be issued with a safe disposal certificate easily, stating the amount of oil recovered and water and sludge content.

We are providing sludge oil slip discharging services on all major and minor ports of Gujarat. Our main head quarter located at Kandla Port.