As a reputed ship chandler in India, We supply a complete stock of fresh Provisions and we also offer some specialty foods, primarily Philippine & Indian food. We also supply Cabin, Deck, Engine, Safety equipment, and we can also supply souvenirs and entertainment devices. In addition we can also arrange storage of your transit Cargo.

We puts all of your needs ahead of the rest when resupplying and we make sure you receive only the best and freshest products. We can supply at all hours and we are available every day of the month, including holidays.

Almost all of the main stores / wholesale stores are closed for the weekend, but if we know your requirements no later than Friday noon we can arrange to have anything ready for delivery to your vessel on the weekends.

We have a skillful, knowledgeable, multilingual and sociable team committed to bringing you the highest quality service and supplies!

We offer complete and outstanding service when you are in the any Port in India.